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Statement from NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta Following Kathy Hochul’s Signing of Bill to Eliminate Local Elections

By December 22, 2023Statements

“With the stroke of a pen, Kathy Hochul and New York Democrats just executed the single greatest attack on democracy in our state’s history. What’s worse is that it came after 5pm on the Friday before Christmas — illustrating just how bad they know this is and how desperate they are to hide it.

Moving our state’s odd-numbered year local elections to be the same even-numbered year congressional and statewide elections blatantly and egregiously tips the scales to favor one party over another. In fact, it doubles down on Hochul and Democrats’ desperate attempts to hold onto their waning power — which, to date, includes stacking the courts to pursue grossly gerrymandered maps, advocating for non-citizen voting, and generally dismantling the security of our elections.

New Yorkers said they did not want this. Elected officials on both sides of the aisle said they did not want this. But after narrowly winning her election, and as New York Democrats continue to suffer major losses at the ballot box, those in power just couldn’t help themselves.

Never again should voters trust when Democrats say they are fighting to protect democracy — because in New York, they have been exposed as the hypocrites they truly are.”