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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta on Antonio Delgado’s appointment as New York Lieutenant Governor

By May 4, 2022Statements

“Antonio Delgado’s decision not to pursue re-election means that he too sees the writing on the wall — House Democrats are on track for a major shellacking this November.  What Delgado doesn’t realize, however, is that he abandoned one sinking ship to board another with Kathy Hochul as its captain.

Despite their best efforts to create an uneven playing field against Republicans this year, New York Democrats continue to remain in total disarray.  Party infighting is beginning to boil over, and their attempt to hijack the state’s redistricting process has completely backfired.  The bottom line is that no amount of cheating and no amount of pandering will help save Hochul’s tenure as the accidental Governor, which, after only nine months, has already been marred by corruption and secrecy.  

On November 8th, it will be game over for Kathy Hochul and Democrat one-party rule in New York.”