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Reaction from NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta following the first presidential debate

By June 28, 2024Statements

“President Trump was the definitive winner of tonight’s debate, offering a tangible and optimistic blueprint to get America back on track after four years of Joe Biden’s failed presidency.

It’s no secret that Americans are deeply concerned about the direction of our country. Recent polling averages show that more than 62% of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction. A majority of Americans are also deeply concerned about Biden’s competency to handle the presidency — and his vague and often incoherent responses tonight only reinforced those concerns.

In stark contrast, President Trump’s strong performance in the debate is proof that he is the leader this country needs to navigate these challenging times. His plans to secure the border, cut taxes, and bolster American energy independence, among many other policies, resonate with a majority of American voters who are eager for a return to normalcy.

As the leader of an institution representing right-leaning young voters, I am calling on voters across the spectrum to rally behind an America First vision that restores our nation and secures our future. Let’s support President Trump and save America!”