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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta following guilty verdict in political persecution of President Trump

By May 30, 2024Statements

“It was clear from the beginning that Donald Trump would never be given an impartial trial in front of a far-left judge whose family has made thousands of dollars working for Democrats against Trump and a hand-picked liberal Manhattan jury.  At nearly every turn, Judge Merchan sided with the prosecution and repeatedly breached ethical conduct, even going as far as instructing the jury that they do not need to be unanimous to deliver a conviction — which is illegal.

Let’s not forget that this trial, the unprecedented political persecution of a former president and opposition candidate to the current failed president, Joe Biden, was designed to keep Trump off the campaign trail and distract voters.

Why is Biden doing this?  It’s simple: Young people are abandoning Biden and the Democrat Party to get behind Donald Trump.  Recent data shows Trump consistently outperforming Biden with Generation Z and Millennial voters in the 18-39 demographic.  We’ve also seen narrow leads or very close margins among the same demographic in states that are not traditionally battlegrounds, like New York.  And even if convicted, a majority of Americans across all demographics have said they would still vote for Trump.

We remain undeterred.  Young Republicans will continue working to bring young New Yorkers into the Republican Party and elect a new generation of Republican leaders up and down the ballot.  Irregardless of this silly verdict, we remain confident that President Donald J. Trump will return to the White House in January 2025.”