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Statement from NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta regarding President Biden’s 2024 State of the Union Address

By March 8, 2024Statements

“Tonight, Joe Biden delivered the angriest, most divisive, and arrogantly out-of-touch State of the Union address in our nation’s history.

Through frequent bouts of incoherent rambling that sounded like the desperate campaign stump speech of a candidate 10 points down in the polls, Biden attempted to convince Congress and a nationwide audience of his ‘historic record’ as president.

Outside the swamp of Washington D.C., Americans know full well the ‘historic’ nature of Biden’s record — heck, they’re living it: Inflation at a 40-YEAR-HIGH; Hundreds of thousands of migrants flooding through OPEN BORDERS; the WORST approval rating of any president since Jimmy Carter.

Though he had the opportunity to deliver a message to the American people that offered them a glimmer of hope in an endless sea of crisis, Biden instead used his time to deliver a truly disappointing message that attacked Republicans and was filled with bold-faced lies.

While Biden spends his remaining time as president in la-la-land, Young Republicans across New York will work to protect our Republican House Majority and send President Donald J. Trump back to the White House. As the leaders of today, it is our responsibility to win this generation’s culture war, to restore the American Dream, and at all costs save America!”