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New York State Young Republicans: Parisi Unfit to Serve as Dutchess County District Attorney

By November 2, 2023Uncategorized

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY — Today, the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs (NYSYR) called for the removal of Anthony Parisi from his role as an Assistant District Attorney in the Dutchess County District Attorney’s office on the basis that he aligned himself with the anti-law enforcement Working Families Party.  Parisi, a Democrat, is running for Dutchess County District Attorney.

“Dutchess County voters know that Anthony Parisi is unfit to be District Attorney and they will reject him as a result; however, what I find most disturbing is that he currently remains employed by the District Attorney’s office despite aligning himself with the Working Families Party — a group whose platform openly supports defunding the police, distancing itself from law enforcement organizations, and the disastrous bail reform laws that have jeopardized public safety in communities across the state,” said NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta. 

To appear on the Working Families Party ballot line, the party has a history of asking candidates to fill out a questionnaire and pledge support to their radical anti-law enforcement agenda.  These questions include: 

  • Will you fight to ensure there are no future rollbacks to bail reform? 
  • Will you refuse donations and support from police and corrections organizations? 
  • Asking about shifting money and resources away from policing and jails (also known as defunding the police)

“While we respect an individual’s right to political affiliation, Parisi’s pledge to a party whose platform directly contradicts the principles of public safety and his failure to support law enforcement raises significant questions about his suitability not only for the office he seeks but his ability to even work in the office he currently holds,” Giunta continued

Beginning today, NYSYR is launching a targeted digital campaign in Dutchess County to bring attention to Pairsi’s connection to the anti-law enforcement Working Families Party to help educate voters as they head to the polls.

Giunta concluded: “While it’s important for voters to know about Parisi’s associations, simultaneously, there needs to be action taken regarding his alignment with and pledge to a party that advocates policies that undermine the safety and security of our communities.  Dutchess County residents deserve a District Attorney, as well as a District Attorney’s office, that is committed to their protection and justice — which is why we believe this issue warrants immediate attention.”