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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta on the Biden Border Crisis and its Impact on New York State

By May 11, 2023Statements

“Since the moment he took office — and even before that — Joe Biden has undermined our national security. No place has it been more evident than at the United States’ southern border, where a combined humanitarian and public safety crisis has grown wildly out of control. Between his pathetically weak record on the border as president and his administration’s failure to prioritize a plan that strengthens border security and creates a streamlined path to citizenship, it is, of course, no surprise that Biden has largely ignored and even denied the existence of such a crisis.

Biden has exacerbated the border crisis, indeed, but he is not the root of it. What we are witnessing is the culmination of decades of failed border policy that only the previous administration, under Donald Trump, can be credited with attempting to address.

Leftwing politicians who were once giddy to proclaim their city or state a so-called migrant sanctuary are now desperate to pass the buck as the hotels they warehouse undocumented migrants in are packed to capacity. NYSYR condemns New York City Mayor Eric Adams for participating in the illegal trafficking of migrants further into the United States — and we equally condemn Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and other border governors who’ve participated in this disingenuous, inhumane, and highly illegal act of human trafficking.

Title 42 should have been used as a tool by the Biden administration to prevent this crisis, returning migrants across the border thus ending their journey further into the United States — but they failed to make its renewal a priority and now this crisis will grow even bigger.

No community should be forced to shoulder the burden of this government’s failed border policy. We commend the bipartisan coalition of leaders from Upstate New York, including County Executives Steve McLaughlin, Ed Day, Steve Neuhaus, Anthony Picente, and Jason Garnar, who’ve stood up against Governor Kathy Hochul and Mayor Adams’ illegal relocation of migrants to their counties, and we hope that others soon wake up to reality to join them.”