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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta on Kathy Hochul’s nomination of Hon. Rowan Wilson for Court of Appeals Chief

By April 11, 2023Statements

“Just as with most functions of state government in New York, disruption and dysfunction caused by Democrat one-party rule run deep in the search for a new Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals. Kathy Hochul’s first choice, and a far superior candidate, Hector LaSalle — who would have also been the first Latino chief judge in state history — was unceremoniously dismissed by many of the same State Senate Democrats responsible for New York’s disastrous crime crisis. Hochul’s latest nominee exemplifies just how desperate she is to appease those extremists.

Judge Rowan Wilson is, on all counts, the definition of a radical liberal jurist. In fact, he’s already proven to be part of the problem — Wilson attempted to give New York Democrats a leg up last year after they hijacked the constitutionally-mandated redistricting process and attempted to gerrymander new legislative districts in their favor. Wilson dissented on the crucial vote that subsequently led to the court-mandated appointment of a non-partisan special master to draw fair maps. It was because of aggressive Republican litigation that a majority of the jurists were compelled to see reason, ruling to ensure that New York would have free and fair elections for at least another decade. But now, as Hochul and New York Democrats attempt once again to upend that process, Wilson’s nomination to the very same court that could potentially determine future rulings on the matter is no coincidence.

Of course, given that in one of his previous rulings he argued that an elephant is entitled to the same rights as a human, we feel this selection better illustrates what the entire process has become: a circus, with Hochul and Senate Democrats starring as the clowns.”