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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta on the indictment of former president Donald J. Trump

By March 30, 2023Statements

“Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg just earned his 15-seconds in the spotlight as the next mentally-corrupted Democrat to perpetuate the political witch-hunt against former President Donald Trump. How we got here shouldn’t surprise anyone – as a candidate for office, Bragg made the indictment of Trump a core pillar of his campaign, and, after being elected by an embarrassingly small fraction of the electorate, declared that the office would no longer pursue charges against drug dealers and sexual predators. Bragg made his priority clear from Day 1, and he’s allowed murderers and rapists to terrorize his constituents daily ever since.

Public officials like Bragg are the worst kind because they are willing to go to any length, irregardless of the cost, to weaponize law enforcement and the judicial system against their political opponents. It’s not just the indictment of a former president that is unprecedented – it’s also the indictment of the leading candidate for president that is unprecedented. This is the kind of stuff you only see in socialist nations.

Bragg’s radical agenda and misplaced priorities are only underscored by this sham indictment. If New Yorkers had the ability to recall their elected officials, just as Americans do in 19 other states, then Alvin Bragg would have been fired a long time ago!”