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New York State Young Republicans Launches WAKEUPDEMS.COM and New Digital Ad To Organize Disgruntled New York Democrats Behind Lee Zeldin & Republican Ticket

By October 13, 2022August 30th, 2023News

Today, with less than one month until Election Day, the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs (NYSYR) announced the launch of a new initiative to organize disgruntled Democrats behind Republican candidate for Governor, Lee Zeldin, and Republican candidates down-ballot. 

As part of the initiative, the NYSYR has unveiled and to provide current and former Democrats who are voting Republican in New York’s general election a platform to share their grievances.  Additionally, this initiative coincides with a digital advertising campaign on social media (@WakeUpDemsNY on Twitter and Facebook) and the launch of a new digital ad titled “Wake Up, Democrats — we have a choice this November!”.

The initiative follows a failed attempt by the New York State Democratic Party to generate traction around the hashtag #WakeUpDems on Twitter as part of an awareness campaign started by Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, who has claimed publicly on social media that low Democrat turnout in New York City could lead to a Republican victory statewide.

“Amid a terrifying crime crisis, an exploding cost of living, and, now, waves of illegal migrants being warehoused in the middle of our communities, New Yorkers are waking up to the massively disastrous results of Democrat one-party rule — and Governor Kathy Hochul and her New York Democrats are finally starting to see the writing on the wall when it comes to their re-election odds this November.  Indeed, they have good reason to be worried,” said NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta

Giunta continued:  “We’re bolstering the New York Democrats’ awareness campaign to #WakeUpDems by reminding disgruntled Democrats that they have a choice this November and urging them to vote for Lee Zeldin and the Republican team.  If you want public safety to be restored, your taxes to be cut and energy costs reduced, to have a role in your child’s education, and to see New York put back on the road to greatness, then you must vote for Lee Zeldin to break the death grip that Democrat one-party rule has on our state.  The stakes are just too damn high to settle for anything short of this — we cannot afford another minute of Democrat one-party rule!”