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New York State Young Republicans Announces Endorsements in Several of Onondaga County’s Top Battleground Races

By October 12, 2022Statements

Earlier this year, in August, the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs (NYSYR) endorsed seven Young Republicans running for Congress, and then, in September, endorsed another 25 Young Republicans running for state and local office.  Today, the NYSYR is announcing its endorsement of an additional four candidates running for the state legislature in Onondaga County’s top battleground districts.

The NYSYR represents more than 50 community- and campus-based chapters comprising more than 2,000 registered members statewide.  We are a diverse coalition of professional operatives, public servants, elected officials, business leaders, young professionals, and students working to recruit, train, and elect a new generation of Republicans across New York.

In the race to take back State Senate District 50, which was formerly held by Republicans for more than four decades until 2020 and is currently held by Democrat John Mannion, the NYSYR is endorsing Rebecca Shiroff:

“Central New York has been failed by one-party politicians like John Mannion, who, in his short time in office, has allied with radical New York City progressives to support the dangerous criminal coddling agenda that’s sent violent crime skyrocketing,” said NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta.  “As a mother, businesswoman, and first-generation American, Rebecca Shiroff embodies the new wave of our Republican party, and we are confident she will flip this seat in November.  She has our full support!”

“I am so honored to receive this endorsement,” said Shiroff.  “This exceptional group of young men and women are the future of our state and country.  Let’s take back New York!”

In the race for State Senate District 48, which is being vacated by retiring Republican Patricia Ritchie, the NYSYR is endorsing Julia Abbott:

“Rachel May is an Albany swamp monster,” said Chairman Giunta.  “She stood with disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo in refusing to call for investigations over the health department’s role in the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers and aligned herself with radical New York City progressives to support the dangerous soft-on-crime agenda and other policies that are gutting Central New York.  She even held a banner, smiling ear to ear, depicting a plane flying into the Twin Towers as part of some climate protest.  Rachel May has no moral compass.  Julia Abbot, on the other hand, is an accomplished county legislator and school board member whose past record speaks for itself.  As Senator, Julia will stand up to defend the values that Central New York holds dear — and that’s why she has our total support!”

“We truly are a campaign powered by Young Republicans!  From planting signs all across this massive district to countless phone calls and hours of knocking on doors, I have been honored and humbled to work alongside so many of the young, bright, and energetic professionals that make up the future of our party and our communities,” said Abbott“THANK YOU to the New York State Young Republicans for their support of my quest to return a common-sense voice for Central New York in Albany by flipping State Senate District 48.” 

In the race to flip State Assembly District 127, which has been held by Democrats for two decades and is currently held by Democrat Albert Stirpe, Jr., the NYSYR is endorsing Karen Ayoub:

“You cannot talk about the Albany swamp without mentioning Al Stirpe, who voted in favor of the disastrous no-bail law that has sent crime skyrocketing, and has supported the tax and spend culture that has placed our state in financial ruin,” said Chairman Giunta“Now more than ever, Central New York is in need of leaders who will be unafraid to reject the reckless agenda of the radical left.  Karen Ayoub will fight to keep violent criminals behind bars and advocate for fiscal responsibility so that New York can be affordable for future generations.  We’re proud to give her our complete support.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the New York State Young Republicans, and to earn the support of our state’s next generation of Republican leaders,” said Ayoub“I am running for State Assembly to bring a fresh face and a little bit of common-sense back to Albany.  Together, we will take back our state!” 

In the race to flip State Assembly District 128, which has been held by Democrats for more than 30 years and is currently held by Democrat Pamela Hunter, the NYSYR is endorsing Young Republican Dominick Ciciarelli:

“Pamela Hunter ignored her constituents and doubled down on the radical left’s dangerous criminal-coddling agenda even after the data supported claims that the no-bail law was sending violent crime skyrocketing,” said Chairman Giunta.  “Dominick Ciciarelli is an accomplished young professional who will fight for community-first agenda that prioritizes boosting infrastructure, restoring public safety, and reigning in wasteful spending.  He has our full support!”  

“As a Young Republican, it’s an honor and I am truly blessed to be endorsed by the New York State Young Republicans,” said Ciciarelli.