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New York State Young Republicans announces endorsement of candidates seeking state and local office

By September 15, 2022September 19th, 2022Statements

Today, the Association of New York State Young Republican Clubs (NYSYR) announced its list of endorsed candidates running for state and local office in this year’s General Election.  The NYSYR had previously released a list of endorsements for Congressional candidates, which can be found here.  Like those endorsements, these are exclusive to Young Republicans seeking office who’ve met the NYSYR’s criteria as part of the endorsement process.

The NYSYR represents more than 50 community- and campus-based chapters comprising more than 2,000 registered members statewide.  We are a diverse coalition of professional operatives, public servants, elected officials, business leaders, young professionals, and students working to recruit, train, and elect a new generation of Republicans across New York.

For State Senate, the following candidates have been endorsed by the NYSYR… 

For State Assembly, the following candidates have been endorsed by the NYSYR… 

Additionally, the following local candidates have been endorsed by the NYSYR… 

* denotes incumbency

In issuing these endorsements, NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta stated:  “On behalf of our entire Association, I am incredibly proud to endorse these superb Young Republicans in their candidacies for state and local office.  From Buffalo to Montauk, young New Yorkers are struggling under the regressive policies of one party rule, and who better to advocate against that failed agenda than Young Republicans who have lived shared experiences and are prepared to buck the status quo.  In this critical mission to save our state, we have been given a unique opportunity to overturn the political establishment and elect a new generation of Republican leaders to government.  Mark my words: November’s red wave will be brought to you by Young Republicans!”

Young Republican Stefano Forte is running for State Senate District 16 and, if elected, will become the youngest State Senator in New York State history at the age of 24.  Forte said:  “I am honored to accept the endorsement of the New York State Young Republicans.  This organization prepared me, as a Young Republican myself, to run for office, and without them I simply would not have the infrastructure necessary to win this race.  This new generation of Republicans will save our city, state, and nation from radicals who are selling away our future for ideological gain.  I am proud to be on the frontline of that movement, and to have earned the recognition of my peers.” 

Young Republican Brian Maher is a U.S. Navy Reservist who currently serves as Supervisor of the Town of Montgomery and is running for State Assembly District 101Maher said:  “The New York State Young Republicans have grown into one of the most impactful organizations in America, and to have them come to Orange County this past weekend, where they made thousands of voter contacts for my campaign and the rest of our GOP team, could certainly become the difference between winning and losing.  I truly appreciate their effort and dedication to winning big this November.” 

Young Republican Kevin Byrne currently serves in the New York State Assembly and is running for Putnam County Executive.  If elected, Byrne will become the youngest County Executive in Putnam County history at the age of 38, joining the ranks of Orange County’s Steve Neuhaus and Dutchess County’s Marc Molinaro as Young Republicans who’ve been elected to a county’s top spot.  Byrne said:  “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the New York State Young Republicans to serve as the next Putnam County Executive.  These remarkable young men and women are a key ingredient to strengthening and growing the GOP for years to come.  As a fellow Young Republican and Past President of the Putnam County Young Republican Club, I am grateful for all the continued support I receive from them.  Thank you to Chairman Peter Giunta and all the members for their support!”

Young Republican Brittany Kolbe is currently seeking re-election to a second term as Montgomery County Clerk.  Kolbe is the youngest County Clerk in Montgomery County history and has been credited with successfully modernizing the Montgomery County Clerk’s Office and DMV.  Kolbe said:  “Being part of the New York State Young Republicans has given me a platform to be a leader in our party and mentor young women who want to be more involved in public service.  Receiving this endorsement is an honor and I will continue to work hard to build our party and represent my constituents effectively in Montgomery County when re-elected.”