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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta following SCOTUS’ ruling on New York’s concealed carry law

By June 23, 2022Statements

“Once again, the judicial system has dealt a massive blow to the agenda of New York Democrats, who are learning the hard way that they cannot infringe upon the rights of New Yorkers without consequence. 

Today’s ruling from the Supreme Court of the United States is a hard-fought victory in the fight to defend our second amendment right, and I commend Tom King and the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, who’ve been at the front of this fight for many years, for their efforts.

The successful defense of one of our nation’s most cherished governing documents, the United States Constitution, should be celebrated, yet New York Democrats are using this landmark decision to spread fear and misinformation.

As usual, their position is one that is out of touch with reality and ignorant of the factors that are driving skyrocketing crime rates in our nation’s largest cities, especially in New York City.  They continue to vilify legal gun owners and restrict responsible gun ownership while failing to address the proliferation of illegal firearms, which, in many instances, are at the center of violent crime.  Instead of protecting the interests of New Yorkers, they choose to protect those of criminals. 

November’s red wave will be the ultimate wake up call for New York Democrats when voters resoundingly reject their failed agenda en masse.”