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Statement from NYSYR Chair Peter Giunta on New York Democrats’ Gun Control Measures

By June 3, 2022Statements

“New York Democrats are celebrating the passage of a legislative package that supposedly addresses gun violence and mass shootings by making it more difficult for responsible and law-abiding New Yorkers to possess a firearm, but let’s get with reality — making legal gun ownership more restrictive will do absolutely nothing to prevent the criminal element, which has become incredibly emboldened thanks to the soft-on-crime agenda of New York Democrats, from terrorizing innocent New Yorkers.  What this amounts to is nothing more than a knee-jerk reaction that fails to meaningfully address the state’s mental health crisis or enhance school safety, and it certainly does nothing to address the root cause of gun violence in our state, which is the proliferation of illegal firearms.  And the bottom line is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that what New Yorkers really want is for the complete and total restoration of public safety.

On addressing crime, New York Democrats have kicked the can down the road for far too long.  They’ve proven themselves to be incapable of keeping New Yorkers safe, so much so that November’s red wave will be the ultimate referendum on their failed agenda.”