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Statement from NYSYR Chairman Peter Giunta on Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address

By March 3, 2022Statements

“There’s an old adage in American politics that asks “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”

Tonight, I ask you to consider whether you are better off now than you were just one year ago — the answer is likely no.

Since taking office, Joe Biden has enacted a radical America Last agenda that has tanked our economy, decimated our energy independence, allowing drug dealers and terrorists to cross our borders with ease, abandoned American citizens behind enemy lines, taken the lives of 13 American servicemen, and has weakened us in the eyes of our greatest adversaries: China and Russia.

At this point there’s just no denying it, the state of our union is in crisis under Joe Biden and Democrat one party rule.

Democrats talk about hope and change, and they shamelessly make empty promise after empty promise. They’ve failed to lead. Republicans, on the other hand, have a plan to tackle these problems with an agenda that uplifts middle- and working-class Americans and restores our nation’s economic, military, and energy dominance.

We cannot afford two more years of this — now more than ever, Americans need a Republican Majority to save our nation!”