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New York State Young Republicans Call on Cuomo to Resign

By March 22, 2021November 5th, 2021Statements

Today, the New York State Young Democrats released a statement calling for the resignation of Andrew Cuomo as Governor amid growing allegations of sexual misconduct and questions regarding his abuse of power as Governor this past decade. 

Over the past week, the New York State Young Republicans have echoed calls from Republican leaders all throughout the state in demanding that Cuomo’s emergency powers be terminated, and that, in light of the recent sexual harassment allegations, following the egregious decisions he made during the COVID costing many lives, he resign as Governor.

For the past decade, Cuomo’s failed policies have driven New Yorkers out of the state, and his decisions related to the COVID-19 Pandemic have cost us countless lives, not to mention the thousands of small businesses that were forced to close, some never to reopen.  

It has now become clear that Cuomo is a sexual predator and a bully who has preyed on members of the media and his own staff, as well as public officials. 

We commend the New York State Young Democrats for joining our calls to hold Andrew Cuomo accountable.  It is clear that this Governor must resign so we can begin picking up the pieces of his disastrous tenure and heal as a state.